Hey there, BJJ family! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your technique, today we’re diving into one of the essential moves in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: the knee cut open guard pass. This technique is a staple for any practitioner aiming to slice through an opponent’s defenses with precision and control. Let’s break it down and get you flowing smoothly through those guards!

Understanding the Knee Cut Pass

The knee cut pass, also known as the knee slide or knee slice, is a powerful technique used to pass an opponent’s open guard. It’s effective, efficient, and when done correctly, it gives you a dominant position. This pass is great because it combines leverage, pressure, and movement, making it a go-to move for many top-level BJJ athletes.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Establishing Position

Start in your opponent’s open guard. You’ll want to control their legs and hips to prevent them from setting up sweeps or submissions. Typically, you’ll have one knee up between their legs and one knee down, creating a staggered stance.

2. Control the Opponent’s Upper Body

To execute a successful knee cut pass, it’s crucial to control your opponent’s upper body. Use your hands to establish grips on their collar and sleeve (gi) or shoulders and wrist (no-gi). This control prevents them from blocking your pass or attacking you with submissions.

3. Set Up Your Knee Cut

With your grips secured, start to apply pressure with your forward knee, cutting it across their thigh towards the mat. Your back knee should be off the ground, providing stability and leverage. Your goal is to split their legs and create an angle for your pass.

4. Slice Through

As you drive your knee across, your back foot should pivot to follow the direction of the pass. This pivoting motion helps you maintain balance and pressure. Simultaneously, your front knee should slide down towards the mat, cutting through your opponent’s guard.

5. Control the Hips

Once your knee is past their legs, shift your focus to controlling their hips. Use your grips and body weight to pin their hips to the mat. This prevents them from recovering their guard and allows you to solidify your passing position.

6. Secure Side Control

With their hips controlled, transition to side control by flattening your opponent. Your chest should be heavy on their torso, and your legs should sprawl out to maintain a strong, stable base. From here, you can work towards further advancements or submissions.

Tips for Success

  • Stay Low and Tight: Maintaining a low center of gravity and tight control prevents your opponent from creating space and escaping.
  • Use Your Body Weight: Apply pressure through your body weight, not just your muscle strength. This conserves energy and increases the effectiveness of the pass.
  • Anticipate Counters: Be aware of common counters to the knee cut pass, such as hip escapes and sweeps. Stay one step ahead by anticipating and neutralizing these attempts.

Drilling the Knee Cut Pass

Like any technique, mastering the knee cut pass requires consistent practice. Incorporate it into your drilling sessions, starting slowly to focus on precision and gradually increasing speed as you become more comfortable. Pair up with training partners of varying skill levels to adapt your technique to different body types and guard styles.

Final Thoughts

The knee cut open guard pass is a versatile and effective tool in your BJJ arsenal. By mastering this technique, you’ll enhance your ability to control and dominate your opponents from the top position. Remember, the key to success lies in the details – control the upper body, apply pressure with your knee, and secure the hips. Keep drilling, stay patient, and enjoy the journey of continuous improvement.

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