Hey everyone, this week at the Academy, we’re diving into the top mount position and one of its classic submissions: the armbar. Check out the breakdown below, and don’t forget to swing by Southern Soul Jiu Jitsu Academy to practice your reps with us! Let’s get rolling! 🥋

Understanding the Top Mount Position

Before we get into the armbar specifics, let’s quickly review the top mount position. This dominant position occurs when you’re on top of your opponent, straddling their torso with your knees close to their shoulders. Your weight should be distributed evenly, ensuring stability and control.

Setting Up the Armbar

  1. Establish Control: Begin by securing a solid top mount position. Maintain chest-to-chest contact with your opponent to control their upper body.
  2. Isolating the Arm: Choose the arm you want to attack (typically the one on the side you’re facing). Use your hands to control their wrist and elbow. For example, if you’re attacking their right arm, use your left hand to control their wrist and your right hand to control their elbow.
  3. Creating Space: To set up the armbar, start by lifting your hips slightly. This action helps to create enough space to swing your leg over your opponent’s head.

Executing the Armbar

  1. Swing Your Leg: Once you’ve created the space, swing your leg (on the side of the controlled arm) over your opponent’s head. Aim to position your thigh across their face, trapping their head with your leg.
  2. Maintain Control: As you swing your leg, continue to maintain control of the arm. Your grip on their wrist and elbow should remain tight to prevent any escape attempts.
  3. Lock in the Armbar: With your leg over their head and the controlled arm trapped, shift your hips forward while pulling the arm towards you. This motion applies pressure to the elbow joint, initiating the submission.

Key Tips for Success

  • Maintain Balance: Throughout the technique, focus on keeping your balance and staying heavy on top of your opponent.
  • Use Your Entire Body: The armbar is not just about your legs; it’s a full-body movement. Engage your core and use your hips effectively to apply pressure.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Like any BJJ technique, mastering the armbar requires consistent practice. Start slow and gradually increase speed and fluidity.

Final Thoughts

The armbar from top mount is a classic BJJ submission that can be devastatingly effective when executed correctly. Remember, the key to success in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not just technique but also understanding the principles behind each move and adapting them to fit your style.

So, whether you’re hitting the mats for the first time or you’re a seasoned grappler looking to refine your skills, give the armbar from top mount a try in your next training session. Embrace the learning process, stay open to feedback, and most importantly, have fun rolling!

Until next time, keep rolling and keep evolving. Oss! 🥋


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