Today, let’s dive into one of the classic submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: the armbar from the top mount. Imagine: you’re on top, controlling your opponent, and suddenly, the opportunity presents itself to secure that arm and go for the finish. It’s a beautiful thing when executed well, and with a few tips up your sleeve, you can make your armbar game unstoppable.

  1. Establish Dominant Positioning: Before even thinking about the armbar, ensure your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu top mount is solid. Your weight should be distributed evenly, hips low, and chest heavy on your opponent. Keep your posture strong to prevent any escape attempts.
  2. Control the Opponent’s Movement: Control is key. Secure your opponent’s arms, keeping them trapped or pinned to the mat. This limits their options and sets the stage for your submission attempt.
  3. Isolate the Arm: To execute a successful armbar, you need to isolate one of your opponent’s arms. Use your hands and body positioning to isolate the arm you intend to attack. Keep it tight and controlled throughout the setup.
  4. Create Angle and Space: Once you’ve isolated the arm, create the angle needed for the armbar. Shift your body slightly to the side, opening up space between your opponent’s arm and body. This angle allows for a smoother transition into the submission.
  5. Grip and Control: Secure your grip on your opponent’s arm, focusing on controlling the wrist and elbow. This grip ensures that your opponent’s arm stays in place as you maneuver into the submission.
  6. Foot Placement: Your foot positioning is crucial for a successful armbar. The foot on the same side as the trapped arm should be placed firmly near your opponent’s head, creating a barrier and preventing them from rolling or escaping.
  7. Maintain Pressure and Balance: As you transition into the armbar, maintain pressure on your opponent while keeping your own balance in check. Your movements should be fluid yet controlled, ensuring that you stay in a dominant position throughout.
  8. Finishing the Armbar: Once you’ve extended your legs and secured the arm, it’s time to finish the submission. Keep your hips engaged and extend your hips upward while applying pressure on your opponent’s elbow. This hyperextends the arm, forcing your opponent to tap or risk injury.
  9. Stay Patient and Persistent: Patience is key in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If the armbar isn’t immediately successful, don’t panic. Stay patient, adjust your positioning if needed, and keep applying pressure until you secure the submission.
  10. Practice, Practice, Practice: Like any technique in BJJ, mastering the armbar from top mount requires practice. Drill the movements, work on your timing, and experiment with different setups to find what works best for you.

Remember, the armbar from top mount is as much about technique as it is about timing and control. Keep these tips in mind, and soon enough, you’ll be executing armbars with finesse and confidence. So, hit the mats, embrace the journey, and keep striving for excellence in your BJJ journey! Remember to keep that Southern Soul spirit alive.

See you on the mats, friends!