Hey there, BJJ family! Today, we’ve got a little gem of a mount escape that’s about to become your new secret weapon on the mats. Picture this: you’re pinned beneath your opponent, trapped in the dreaded mount position. But fear not, because we’ve got a slick move that’s going to turn the tables in your favor. Grab your gi and let’s dive right in!

The Mount Position Refresher

Before we dive into the escape, let’s quickly revisit the mount position. It’s that moment when your opponent is sitting on your chest, knees on the ground beside you, and they’re ready to rain down some serious discomfort. So, how do you get out of this pickle? We’re about to spill the beans.


The Sneaky Bridge and Roll Escape

Imagine you’re lying there, feeling the pressure of your opponent’s mount. Here’s the move: take a deep breath and bridge your hips up toward the ceiling. It’s like trying to launch them off your chest. This might make them momentarily lose their balance.

But here’s the secret sauce: as they react to your bridge, roll to one side. It’s crucial that you commit to this roll and get on your side as quickly as possible. Think of it as escaping to the safety of a fetal position.


Why It Works

The magic here lies in timing and leverage. By bridging first, you disrupt your opponent’s base, making them light on top. When you roll to the side, you create a gap for your hips to sneak out from underneath them.


The Finishing Touch

Now that you’ve got your hips out, keep the momentum going. Regain your guard or start working for a better position. Remember, the bridge and roll is your escape ticket, not your final destination.


Practice Makes Perfect

As with any BJJ move, practice is your best friend. Grab a willing training partner at Southern Soul Academy and drill this escape until it becomes second nature. Soon, you’ll be turning the tables on those mount situations and leaving your opponent wondering how you pulled off that Houdini act!


So there you have it, a simple yet effective mount escape that could be your new go-to move. Remember, BJJ is all about learning and evolving, so don’t hesitate to ask your coaches at Southern Soul Academy for tips and feedback. Keep rolling, keep learning, and most importantly, have fun on the mats! 🥋💪