Welcome to another exciting week at Southern Soul Aademy! This week’s focus is on one of the most dominant positions in grappling – the Mount. As practitioners, understanding and mastering the Mount position can be a game-changer, granting us the ability to control our opponents effectively and open up numerous submission opportunities. Let’s dive into the essence of Mount and explore some basic attacks to refine our technique and maximize our potential on the mats.

The Mount Position:

The Mount is a top control position where the practitioner sits astride their opponent, straddling their torso and hips while being in a stable and balanced posture. Achieving Mount is often the result of smoothly transitioning from positions like Side Control or Knee on Belly. When executed correctly, the Mount provides immense control over the opponent’s movements, making it challenging for them to escape.

Basic Attacks from Mount:

Cross Collar Choke:

The Cross Collar Choke is one of the most potent submissions from the Mount position. It involves securing a grip on the opponent’s collar, placing one hand on each side, and then applying pressure to their neck, forcing a tap-out or inducing a dominant position transition if they defend.


The Armbar is a versatile attack from the Mount that focuses on hyperextending the opponent’s arm. To execute this technique, control one of your opponent’s arms by securing their wrist with one hand and pinning it to the mat. Then, bring your opposite leg over their head, securing their arm between your thighs, and apply downward pressure to the joint for the submission.

Ezekiel Choke:

The Ezekiel Choke is a sneaky submission that catches many opponents by surprise. From the Mount position, slide one arm under your opponent’s head, placing your forearm against their neck. Now, with your other hand, reach over and grip your own sleeve or gi collar, creating a powerful choking mechanism.

Americana Lock:

The Americana is an effective joint lock that targets the opponent’s shoulder. To execute this attack, isolate one of your opponent’s arms, and position it across their chest with your hand holding their wrist. With your other hand, grip their elbow, applying pressure to their shoulder joint for the submission.

As we immerse ourselves in this week’s training, focusing on the Mount position, we lay the groundwork for becoming dominant grapplers. Mastering the Mount not only grants us control over our opponents but also opens up a plethora of submission opportunities. By incorporating these basic attacks into our arsenal, we gain confidence in executing techniques effectively and efficiently.So, let’s embrace the Mount with enthusiasm and determination, refining our skills, and taking our Jiu Jitsu journey to new heights. Remember, consistent practice and dedication are the keys to becoming proficient in any technique. See you on the mats! Oss!