Good Morning, Jiu Jitsu family! This week we are diving into the bottom mount position. This position may be one of the hardest to escape, but we are going to dive into some finer details that help give you an advantage when you’re struggling to get out. This is a week you won’t want to miss!

Understanding the Mount Position

Before we delve into the techniques, let’s understand the mount position. It’s a dominant ground grappling position where your opponent straddles you, typically with their knees on either side of your torso. This position offers them control and leverage, making it challenging for you to escape. However, with the right strategy, you can break free.

Technique #1: Create Space

The key to escaping the mount is creating some sort of space. To do this effectively, start by framing your hands against your opponent’s hips or thighs. Use your elbows to create a barrier between you and your opponent, preventing them from maintaining a tight mount. If they get all the way up into your armpits, called high mount, you will need to shoulder walk yourself back up and pry them back down to your hips.

Technique #2: Bridge and Shrimp

Once you’ve established some space, it’s time to initiate your escape. Begin by bridging your hips upward, driving your opponent’s weight off balance. Simultaneously, shrimp your hips out to the side, creating further space to maneuver.

Technique #3: Trap and Roll

As you shrimp, aim to trap one of your opponent’s arms. This could be achieved by securing their arm with your own or by grabbing their sleeve. With their arm secured, execute a controlled roll to the trapped side, using your momentum to reverse the position.

Technique #4: Knee to Elbow Escape

Another effective escape is the knee to elbow technique. Start by framing your hands against your opponent’s hips. Then, slide one knee up towards your elbow on the same side, creating a barrier. Use this barrier to disrupt your opponent’s balance and transition into a more favorable position.

Mindset Matters

While mastering the technical aspects of escaping from mount is crucial, mindset plays an equally vital role. Stay calm and composed, even in the face of adversity. Breathe deeply and focus on executing each technique with precision. It is so important that you stay in control of your movements to not injure yourself or your training partners.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any skill in BJJ, escaping from mount requires consistent practice. Drill these techniques regularly with a training partner, focusing on fluidity and timing. As you gain confidence in your abilities, you’ll find yourself hard to hold down in mount.


Escaping from mount is a fundamental skill that every BJJ practitioner should master. By understanding the mechanics of the position and implementing effective techniques, you can turn the tide of any match. Remember, it’s not about if you get mounted, but how you escape from it that truly matters. So, embrace the challenge, keep refining your skills, and never stop striving for improvement on and off the mats.