In the intricate world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the bottom half guard position offers a myriad of opportunities for strategic attacks and intricate maneuvers. Among these techniques lies the potent and versatile Kimura Trap—a game-changing move that can shift the tide of a match when executed with finesse and precision.

Understanding the Bottom Half Guard Position

Before delving into the Kimura Trap, let’s briefly revisit the foundation—the bottom half guard position. Here, the practitioner finds themselves underneath their opponent, utilizing their legs and arms to control and neutralize the top player’s movements. It’s a position that demands patience, strategy, and keen awareness of leverage.

The Power of the Kimura Trap

The Kimura Trap, originating from the bottom half guard, capitalizes on the opponent’s movements to set up a powerful submission or sweep. This technique revolves around isolating the opponent’s arm and manipulating it into a vulnerable position, enabling the BJJ practitioner to gain control and capitalize on the moment.

Executing the Kimura Trap

1. Initial Setup:

  • Gripping and Control: Secure a strong grip on your opponent’s wrist and begin creating space to maneuver.
  • Hip Movement: Utilize hip movement to create angles, enabling better access to your opponent’s arm.

2. Engaging the Trap:

  • Arm Isolation: Lure your opponent into extending their arm, tempting them to reach for your head or neck.
  • Locking the Kimura Grip: Swiftly capture their arm with a Kimura grip, securing their wrist and locking their arm in a compromising position.

3. Transitioning to Dominance:

  • Manipulating the Arm: Use leverage and control to force their arm behind their back, putting immense pressure on the shoulder joint.
  • Finishing or Sweeping: Depending on the situation, you can finish with a submission by exerting pressure on the shoulder or transition into a sweep to gain a dominant top position.

The Essence of Mastery

As with any technique in BJJ, mastering the Kimura Trap demands practice, patience, and a deep understanding of timing and leverage. It’s not just about executing a move—it’s about anticipating your opponent’s reactions, adjusting in real-time, and capitalizing on openings.


The Kimura Trap from the bottom half guard is a potent weapon in a BJJ practitioner’s arsenal, offering both submission opportunities and sweeping capabilities. As you delve deeper into your Jiu-Jitsu journey, exploring and refining techniques like the Kimura Trap can elevate your game, adding depth and unpredictability to your repertoire.

Remember, it’s not merely about the move itself, but the continuous pursuit of mastery, the adaptability to different situations, and the passion for learning and growing on and off the mats.

So, embrace the art, explore the depths of this powerful technique, and unleash your potential in the thrilling world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!


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